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Is it important to get your club fitted

For a beginner golfer or as a regular golfer, I am sure you have all heard of club fitting.

For a beginner golfer or as a regular golfer, I am sure you have all heard of club fitting. But what is club fitting and why is it important. Golf is already a tough game, but using equipment which is not fitted for your swing makes it more challenging. Have you ever said to yourself ... “well with this club I need to swing it this way but with another club in your bag I need to swing it differently?”.

You should be able to put one swing on all your clubs and not have to worry. Another way at looking at club fitting is, if you have a size 10 foot, would you wear size 8 shoes? or size 12 shoes? You could make them work .... but they wouldn't work as well as a size 10 that fit perfectly on your foot. Getting the right golf clubs for the way you swing is very much the same.

What is checked during a professional fitting?

To get started visit your local Golf Suite Proshop PGA Professional or master club fitter and ask them to take you through a club fit.
Depending on the location there might be a small fee but they will credit the fee towards a purchase if you buy new clubs. Each PGA Professional may take you through the club fitting process a little differently but it will all help to determine:
  • Lie angle
  • Head profile
  • Length of shaft
  • Flex
  • Grip size  

Research shows that more than 80 percent of golfers don’t play with the right golf clubs for their swing - SO GETTING INTO A SET OF CUSTOM FIT GOLF CLUBS ARE GOING TO DELIVER IMMEDIATE IMPROVEMENTS TO YOUR SCORECARD!!!  and who would not want to see that?

Depending on where you are at with your golf swing, a PGA Professional might leave one of these out because of your swing inconsistencies but as you improve and become more consistence they can revisit that step with you and tweak it if need be. The shaft length, head profile and flex are probably the hardest to change without costing you extra money down the track but the grip size and lie angle can be adjusted anytime within reason.  

A custom set of golf clubs is like getting a custom made suit or dress. It feels perfect and allows you to play the best golf possible. No matter what stage you are at with your golf game investing the time and money into a properly fitted set will only help you shoot lower scores. A custom set of clubs also allows you to focus on your swing and takes those extra thoughts away. But don't worry, we'll still let you blame your clubs if you have a bad round.

Find your nearest Golf Suite Professional

To find your nearest Golf Suite fully qualified PGA Professional click below.
They can assist you with Club Fitting, Lessons and make your next round better than the last.