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Lessons & Fittings

Is it important to get your clubs fitted?

For a beginner golfer or as a regular golfer, I am sure you have all heard of club fitting. But what is club fitting and why is it important.

Golf is already a tough game, but using equipment which is not fitted for your swing makes it more challenging. 

Why should I book a lesson?

Of course, you can always learn the game yourself and most new golfers do, but you should look into lessons for best results.

With professional help, you will pick up the game faster, make it more enjoyable and shoot better scores which is the whole point of taking up the game of golf.

BGA Golf Health Check

We've all been there right? Frustrated with our game, not knowing what is going on or what we need to work on to improve our game.

The reality is, we could probably avoid alot of this frustration by getting a regular check up.

Our forms of coaching

At GolfSuite, we have a range of PGA Qualified professionals offering a wide variety of teaching options.

We understand that the everyday golfer may struggle to find enough time during their week for consistent tuition and practice. We are proud to offer teaching face-to-face, online, and through specialised online teaching modules.