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New Bushnell Tour V6 Rangefinder

Introducing the all-new Bushnell V6 Tour Rangefinder, offering unparalleled precision. With its advanced electronics, the Tour V6 sets a new standard for accuracy, consistency, and range in Bushnell Golf's Tour series laser rangefinders.

Taking accuracy and consistency to the next level, the Tour V6 boasts an improved Pinseeker technology with Visual Jolt. Not only will you feel the confirmation when you've locked onto the flag, but now a flashing red ring accompanies the Jolt vibration, providing even stronger feedback. This enhanced feature instills greater confidence, assuring you that you've successfully locked onto the flag.

Designed with improved weather resistance (IPX6), the Tour V6 stands as Bushnell Golf's most weather-resistant rangefinder in the Tour series. It can withstand challenging weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Experience convenience like never before with the integrated Bite magnetic mount. This exclusive feature from Bushnell Golf allows you to effortlessly attach the Tour V6 directly to the cart bar, offering easy accessibility during your game. No more fumbling or searching for your rangefinder – it's right at your fingertips.

Upgrade to the New Bushnell V6 Tour Rangefinder and enjoy unrivaled precision, improved Pinseeker with Visual Jolt, enhanced weather resistance, and the convenience of the integrated Bite magnetic mount. It's time to elevate your golfing experience with Bushnell's latest innovation.