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Golf Club, Golf Professionals or Pro Shops interested is using 


Golf Suite will create a full site for you including headers, multiple pages complete with text, drop down menu boxes, shared content, imagery or otherwise. Ongoing support by the Golf Suite including our fully qualified Web Developer. Your site comes with your own
login details and a training module allowing you to access your site and make changes at any time. Alternatively, just email us and we’ll take care of it for you.
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Instead of pushing material out, Golf Suite will work with you to best ensure your marketing is strategic and will work to deliver results for your business. It is critical this is reviewed, measured and utilised.


Be part of Golf Suite’s national online store where we give sales to you, drive business through you, and allow you to have a high level online store where you can also sell products that might be specific to your store. More than that, we keep the online store up to date and manage the back end so you can stay focus on driving your business.


EDM Banner created by our qualified Graphic Designer including your image & logo 1 x electronic email for your customer database each month created by our Graphic Designer using professionally customised Golf Suite templates to ensure sizing and scaling for all devices and delivering a high-quality product. We also measure engagements and viewings by your customers and allow the use of Golf Suite created content. All you
have to do is send us an email with the outline of what you would like.


Golf Suite will work with you to ensure your relevant social media accounts are established and work with you on content population including shared publications
of Golf Suite created content.


The use of Golf Suite's business consultancy is often not understood but proven to be the most effective way
to significant business improvements and greater R.O.I. Golf Suite diverse skillsets and over 30 years
experience in golf wholesale, retail and further experience from other larger markets allows us to share our skillsets and knowledge as an additional resource to your business.


Having a strategic business plan is a critical business tool often not utilised in many small businesses.
At your disclosure, Golf Suite take a professional deep dive into your business using our expertise to review
your business and provide a full analysis to you in the form of a strategic business plan of which Golf Suite will continue to work on with you. This should always be done in line with your budget.


Having a clear plan to ensure your business is successful is a critical part of running your business. Golf Suite have established data sets we utilise to compare against your business to work with you on a plan for the future, ensuring we use this data to set clears goals and measure your success along the way.


Our expertise come from working for top end brands such as Lacoste, Belkin, Puma and more as well as
with leading retailers such as JB HiFi, Officeworks, Myer, Drummond Golf and more. Golf Suite can support
you with everything from a full store fit out, to ticketing and signage. We also use our merchandising expertise to assess the layout of your store ensuring it is delivering the right experience for your customers as well as a maximise return potentials for your business. Golf Suite provide a monthly site visit to your store and invest the time to tidy and re merchandise your store where required and at your approval.


Sending marketing communications can be done at the click of a button but ensuring you’re marketing
correctly will be the difference between results and just being seen. In line with your strategy, Golf Suite work
with you to ensure your business marketing and communications connect with your target audience and
works to achieve the outlined strategic objectives.


Most pros hops are run by a Head Professional or Golf Operations Manager who then take the bulk of the
responsibilities on themselves. Further, these staff often do not have the time, resource or skillsets
available to fulfill all the tasks and responsibilities required to maximise a pro shops success. Not only
do Golf Suite add or provide skillsets and resources to support you, but we also look at how we can assist your business efficiencies, making your staff feel more valued, and invest time training and educating you
and your staff where required through our various training modules and one on one coaching. Golf Suite often host customised staff sessions to specifically support focused team goals and objectives.


Procurement is not just about buying cheap, it is about ensuring that your inventory is cleaner, current
and more profitable. For best results, procurement MUST be done in line with a strategic plan and BGA
can make this happens for your business. Golf Suite also have relationships with the heads of golfs leading
brands and suppliers allowing us to deliver unique opportunities and terms to support your business.
Become a part of the group and share in the benefits we receive through our supplier programs.


Our fully qualified graphic designer has created a variety of graphics to support your in-store signage
and ticketing needs. If you have specific opportunities, no problems, just talk to us and we can work with you to create what you’re looking for (may be additional cost depending on the project). Golf Suite are always evolving and look to create signage and artwork to support all stores and keep you ahead of the


Our specified packs may not exactly suit your requirements, so we also have the option to customize
our services for Pro Shop or Golf Clubs needs. Please let us know your exact requirements and Golf Suite
will create a flexible tailored package to suite your needs.
Golf Suite also offer short term and one-off training, consulting, seminars or otherwise.
Pricing is customised in line with the services you might require, and a full proposal and quote can be
presented for your perusal.

  • POS Systems
  • Golf Club Consultancy
  • Membership Consultancy
  • Golf F&B Consultancy
  • Lesson Booking Platforms
  • Filming
  • Video Editing
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Project Management
  • Direct Importing
  • Specialised Procurement

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