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About Us

Golf Suite - 'Every Golfer's Clubhouse'

A Suite of Solutions for Pro Shops to offer a high-quality Suite of Services to golfers. That's why we truly are 'Every Golfers Clubhouse'.

Starting as BGA Golf in March 2017, Golf Suite was created to help improve the Golf Industry by supporting and upskilling the hard-working Golf Professionals and Golf Operators within it. Our simple vision, help the industry succeed, by delivering a better experience to every golfer.

Our simple philosophy is ... if we can connect the golfer with more than just the golf course, then we help golfers enjoy their journey, engage more with golf and ultimately support the industry to make it thrive. So what's more than just the golf course? Well here are a few things;

Golf Products

Where you buy your products, how you buy them and ultimately the result they give you is important. Therefore it's imperative Pro Shops have great knowledge, great product and a great environment to provide golfers with a positive experience.

Golf Lessons

Improving your golf or having a pathway to improvement is imperative. To enjoy golf and have a greater purpose in your golf journey, having lessons, instruction and direction from a Golf Professional is critical. Equally it is important our Pro Shop and Golf Professional provide platforms and products to you the golfer that delivers a positive experience.

Golf Advice

Are you playing Dr Google with your golf game? Are you self diagnosing from YouTube? Either way, like most things in life, receiving advice, help and directions from a Professional is always the best course to ensure your are on the right path. Golf Suite uses the knowledge of Golf Professional and Industry experts to give you the right knowledge and information.


Signing up and having a booking platform to play golf does not fulfill a golfer's journey. Along with the above, having a social network, engaging, and having fun are equally a part of the club and golf journey. Supporting our Pro Shops drive awareness, emphasis and tools to support that. We then add to that with our Golf Suite Membership and Race Series to add a little cream on top.

Play Golf Events

It is critical that your golf clubs have weekly competitions, but we know that golfers want to play competitively in different ways so both with clubs and Club GS, Golf Suite provide support and direct platforms to ensure golfers have events to compete in.

Play Different Golf Courses

Most golf clubs have 18 holes and then offer reciprocal offerings at different courses which is great. We absolutely encourage that and know golfers want to experience and tick different courses off 'The List'. Golf Suite then add to and compliment that through Club GS.

Compete Like a Golf Professional

Like playing events, weekly comps, monthly medals, club championships and other events are great and we want to encourage all golfers to join a golf club and actively participate in their membership. To add a little extra value, we also have a season long 'Race Series' which allows golfers to compete in a season-long event with rankings and leaderboards like that of a Tour Professional.

To provide the above offering, it is critical that Golf Operations and Golf Professionals are supported with a full Suite of Services and skillsets to deliver a full and complete golf offering (Golfers Clubhouse) to you the golfer.

That's where our two diamond logo comes in. Our diamond logo symbolises the coming together of two critical pieces to deliver Every Golfers Clubhouse. One diamond represents Golf Suite and our Head Office Team, and the other is The Pro Shop and their full team. Both diamonds working together deliver a full suite of solutions to you the golfer.